Andrew Silverman Ph.D.


Andrew is a growth-minded executive with nearly 30 years of experience building biopharmaceutical companies on a global scale. As Catawba’s chief executive officer, it is his mission to expand on the company’s worldwide footprint and offer first-class research services to organizations in the United States, Asia-Pacific and around the world. At Catawba, we believe quality is found in the details, and Andrew is excited to bring that level of quality to our global research partners.

Prior to joining Catawba, Andrew worked in executive leadership roles for globally minded organizations, focusing on CNS research, improving operational efficiencies and building strong corporate cultures. Andrew built and led teams of more than 1,000, implemented budgets of up to $300M and successfully conducted more than 100 CNS studies — across the spectrum of orphan and rare and neurological dysfunctions — before shifting his attention to general business growth strategy.

Andrew’s leadership style is characterized by a focus on collaboration, transparency, integrity and accountability. He believes in empowering his team to take ownership of their work and to work together to achieve shared goals. Andrew is a natural leader in the biopharmaceutical industry. He co-founded his own CRO, led a neurology franchise for over seven years and is a recognized authority on implementing sophisticated rating scales and establishing subjective endpoints for cognitive assessment. Andrew brings this same level of passionate leadership to the global growth of Catawba’s “On Time, On Budget, Beyond Expectations” philosophy.

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