Angelo Secci, MD


Dr. Angelo Secci is a seasoned clinical research and development professional with over two decades of experience. His experience in various therapeutic areas, such as Dermatology, Female Heath Care, Cardiovascular, Imaging, Cancer Pain, Gastrointestinal, and others, allow him to comfortably understand and approach the many aspects of drug development.

Dr. Secci has worked for the full spectrum of pharmaceutical companies including large global companies (i.e., Warner Lambert/Pfizer, Schering AG/Bayer, Otsuka, GSK) to medium and small biotechnology companies (i.e., Alliance, Eurand, Vyome). Dr. Secci covered a wide spectrum of roles in Clinical Development and Operations ranging from Associate Director to Chief Medical Officer. Dr. Secci is currently a consultant to CROs and Sponsors in the pharmaceutical industry.

Dr. Secci received his degree in medicine from the University of Rome (Italy) and practiced medicine for a short period of time as Vascular Surgeon before starting his research activities in the United States at UCLA. He has also invented and co-invented products in the medical field (medicines and devices).

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