Catawba Research Achieves Acne First-to-File

March 15, 2017

Acne First-to-File:

The team at Catawba Research has recently completed a first-to-file submission for acne clinical trial . In this study, Catawba enrolled a staggering 1125 acne vulgaris subjects in 8 weeks from 12 sites.

The time line for the entire project from the delivery of investigational product at the site to submission of final clinical study report was 6 months. Catawba Research has a lot to be proud of: our sterling record of successful completions of Phase III clinical trials coupled with our innovative approach to clinical research, has further enhanced our reputation in the industry.

Catawba Research is proud of this first-to-file milestone and committed to delivering quality results within fast timelines for our clients.

See more about this program in the enclosed press release:

Acne Press Release

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