Catawba Research

Founded in 2014, Catawba Research has taken a winding road—much like that of a river—from start-up CRO to a global entity executing clinical trials in a number of indications.

Today, Catawba Research is in a state of planned growth having established itself as a go-to CRO for an array indications. 

The truth of the matter is Catawba Research is the place our President & CEO, Zaidoon A. Al-Zubaidy, always wanted to work.  With nearly 30 years of experience on the Sponsor side of the clinical trial table, Zaidoon set out to create a working environment where people could do the work they love, but also be valued for their contributions.  If you visit our office, what you will feel is Catawba Research is a place that cares about people—from our staff to the patients in our trials to the patients needing the treatments being tested—we care about people. What is clear is we cannot do what we do without positive leadership and a team of experts at the ready to take on the challenges of clinical trials.

Over the past handful of years, Catawba Research has become a well-respected CRO with a strong foothold in the field of topicals.  We have garnered that success due to the amazing relationships we have with Sponsors, vendors, sites and industry leaders.  We look forward to working with you and adding you to Catawba Research family.

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