Therapeutic Areas

Experience in Clinical Trials: A Fast Moving History of Success

Since 2014, Catawba Research has engaged in nearly 50 clinical trials achieving 28 agency approvals (FDA and Health Canada) in 14 indications:

Our staff is steeped in experience far beyond what we have accomplished as a company. While we have mainly focused on topicals, our team has experience in everything from dermatology, women’s health, ophthalmology, orthopedics, pulmonary conditions and even hemorrhoids.


As a leading dermatology CRO, Catawba Research is well-versed in the nuances of various dermatological conditions and the rapid pace at which these programs move. Our experience includes widespread indications such as acne, rosacea, psoriasis, and tinea pedis, as well as intricate indications including impetigo, atopic dermatitis, and more.


There are many unique challenges that often arise with respiratory clinical trials. For this reason, it is vital you choose the right contract research organization (CRO). Sponsors need a partner not only with extensive success in conducting late-phase clinical trials, but also the vision to navigate the intricacies of respiratory drug development. Enter Catawba Research.

Women's Health

Catawba Research holds a solid track record in the area of Women’s Health and Reproduction. The reason for this is simple: We have conducted well-designed and highly efficient studies on both biologics and small molecule drugs, in every phase and in numerous indications.

Catawba’s capabilities include comprehensive clinical trial management, program planning consultation, biostatistical analysis and study/trial design. We also consult on operational issues in drug and diagnostics clinical trials.


Catawba Research assures our ophthalmology clients a smooth, positive experience on every level, in every project phase. Our wide-ranging background in ophthalmology clinical trial design and management places our company well ahead of similar groups. Add to this our strong connections with sites, and our clients know they are in good hands.


Increase in gastroenterology disorders has heightened demand for trials in this area. As more sponsors focus on development of products to address such emerging conditions and diseases, it’s critical to work with a CRO that can access the right type of patient participants, while also understanding the intricacies of these types of studies. Catawba Research understands this pharmaceutical segment well, and our team knows how to steer these products from concept to market.

Catawba Research believes it can run any trial and we hope to grow our research footprint. We are primed to take on challenging trials and ensure their completion. Due to our nimble state and ability to turn on a dime, we are best-suited to executive innovative clinical trials in indications beyond what we have done to date.  We look forward to providing you a proposal for your next clinical trial.

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