Guerrilla Style Clinical Research

May 15, 2017

“What? Guerrilla style clinical research? What is that?”

Running a clinical trial can feel a lot like going into battle. Planning a clinical trial is fraught with complex series of obstacles and potential pitfalls that must be expertly maneuvered to achieve victory. Along the way there are key decisions that must be made and a heck of a lot of strategy involved. Being involved in the thick of a clinical trial can leave you battered and bruised; it can be a long and tiring process. So how do you make it through the battle unscathed? Much like modern day warfare, modern day clinical trials necessitate a whole new approach.

Historically, battles were fought with huge armies lined up in a field, attacking one another with weapons of varying accuracy, with the end result being lots of casualties along the way. Over the years, there has been a dramatic shift in this approach, with more battles relying on strategy and guerrilla warfare. Small, specialized teams now carry out stealth attacks, and advances in technology have paved the way for new means of achieving the desired end goal. The modern-day warrior is smart, savvy, and strategic. Long gone are the days of huge armies, cannons, and a conventional battlefield.  

guerrilla warfareJust as there has been a shift in the way wars are won, there has been a shift in how clinical trials are run. The way huge CROs run clinical trials looks a lot like the old days of war. Large teams are assembled to run a clinical trial, and every study is treated with the same approach – “let’s throw more people at this mission.” This result is a cumbersome chain of command, lots of overhead cost, and varying levels of success.  COSTLY!

“In and out. Done!”

At Catawba Research, we have developed a ‘guerrilla style’ of approach to clinical research. At our core is a small, specialized team of highly trained individuals to carry out your trial. We assess each program to identify potential obstacles, and outline a strategy for success. Then we staff up or down accordingly throughout the duration of the program with our network of expert contractors, that are familiar with the nuances of that particular indication. This allows for a much nimbler approach to clinical research, while keeping costs down and speeding up execution. We also deploy all the latest technology, such as our CTMS and video training to ensure your trial is operating efficiently and that high-quality data is being collected. This new approach to clinical research proves beneficial to all parties involved.  In and out. Done!

blundering cavemenClinical trials don’t have to feel like you’ve endured a war. Say farewell to the days of big, bloated clinical research. We invite you to experience Catawba’s new ‘guerrilla style’ approach to clinical trials. Reach out to us today and discover the benefits for your upcoming program.

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