The Importance of Site Relationships in Clinical Research

July 27, 2017

Site Relationships

When it comes to clinical research, it goes without saying that the relationship between CRO and Sponsor is of utmost importance. Sponsors are footing the bill of the clinical trial and have specific timelines and deliverables that are imperative for success. The most fruitful CRO-Sponsor relationships are built on respect, communication, and collaboration to achieving this shared goal.

However, one of the most overlooked relationships in clinical research is the relationship between CRO and Investigator Site. This relationship is arguably just as important to the success of a trial as the relationship with the Sponsor.  At Catawba Research, we are acutely aware that the same attention that is paid to our Sponsor needs to be paid to our Sites.  After all, it is the investigator sites that are responsible for running the trial day in and day out. Without Sites, there are no patients and there is no trial. We believe that finding the right Investigator Sites and keeping them happy is the key to ensuring trials stay on track and the data is of the highest quality.  We treat our Sites as our clients.

At Catawba Research, one of our key differentiators is our relationship with our Sites. We take pride in working with high-quality, high-enrolling Sites and maintaining excellent relationships. These Sites enjoy working with the Catawba Research team and want to keep working with us, study after study.

Timely Payments

relationships with clinical research sitesJust how do we go about making our Sites happy? The first key element is timely payments. We are seriously committed to living up to our financial obligations and making sure our Sites are paid promptly.Secondly, we don’t limit out Sites to a capped number of patients. Catawba rewards high-enrolling Sites to be competitive and to keep on enrolling. We start off with a high number of contracted patients, unlike other CROs, we encourage competitive enrollment.

Another cornerstone of our strong Site relationships is transparency, and being clear and open in communication with one another. Furthermore, we share a keen attention to quality and ensuring the data being presented is consistent with the protocol and GCP.


gotchaAdditionally, we have found that respect gains respect back. When our CRAs go in to monitor, we are not there to attack or criticize our sites like private investigators.  Picking faults and shaming their colleagues with a ‘Gotcha’ attitude. Instead we are there to support and collaborate, all the time making sure the data is of the highest quality. The result? Excellent relationships where everyone is happy to see one another and the Sites are happy to invite us back their doors.

Over the years we have found that mutual respect, transparency, a common focus on quality, competitive enrollment, and timely payments lay a solid foundation for a long-lasting relationship between Catawba Research and Site. Not only does it make working with one another more enjoyable, but in the long run, it benefits everyone including the Sponsor.

Happy sites equate to better enrollment, quality data, and project success. Therefore, making sure both our Sites and our Sponsors are happy is Catawba Research’s key for a successful business.

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