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Introducing Catawba Research India

Catawba Research India Opens Doors For Clinical Trial Data Management

Cruising Through the World of 505(b)(2)s

In this episode of Catawba In Focus, we head over to visit Tom Filipczak – managing director and partner at Destum Partners. Tom chats with Zaidoon about industry deals during a global pandemic and what that looks like on the 505(b)(2) side of things. We also swing by “the shop” to talk with Billy the mechanic about overhauling Catawba Research’s famous red truck – Uma. While the classic Chevrolet Apache is getting some improvements and upgrades, it’s still the same vehicle…much like that of a 505(b)(2)! Hop in and join us.

Medical Monitoring Unmasked

Step into the world of medical monitoring with us! On this episode of Catawba Talks, we’re joined by our very own medical monitor and Scientific Advisory Board member, Dr. Angelo Secci, as well as Caryn Thompson, Director of Clinical Operations at Catawba Research. Tune in to learn more about Dr. Secci (including his surprising musical accomplishments), the role our medical monitors play in safe and successful studies, and their part in supporting our Project Managers and stakeholders throughout a clinical trial.

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Catawba Research is a contract research organization providing clinical trial management services to pharmaceutical, device, formulation development and biotechnology companies. We conduct and manage clinical trials in accordance with the International Conference on Harmonization-Good Clinical Practices (ICH-GCP) and all other applicable regulatory requirements.