Lokesh Chaudhari PGDCR, EPBM

Managing Director, India

Lokesh is a results-oriented leader who will reach across every department to find a solution. With over 18 years managing complex clinical trials overseas, Lokesh is Catawba’s director of India Operations and ambassador to the Asia-Pacific region. He and his team provide first-rate global resources and peerless research experience for those clients operating or testing within Asia and the surrounding Pacific region. At Catawba, we deliver the right results at the right time — for the right price. Lokesh provides unique insight into our global strategy, which is what makes it all possible.

Prior to joining Catawba, he worked in several leadership roles across multiple therapies, making over 55 submissions to the Drugs Controller General of India (DCGI). Acting as a full-service trial liaison for India and the U.S., Lokesh coordinated across vertically integrated teams and multiple business units to provide global leadership and localized insight to clinical trials in Asia-Pacific.

Lokesh is a knowledgeable and pragmatic leader in clinical trial execution. He has proven results across a host of therapeutic specializations, and he is an expert in every phase of DCGI submission. He is committed to Catawba’s “On Time, On Budget, Beyond Expectations” promise, and will do whatever it takes to deliver the right results.

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