Wendy Johnson

Director Human Resources and Culture

Wendy is an expert mediator, and she has applied her consummate people skills to human resources management for over 20 years. As Catawba’s Director of Human Resources and Culture, Wendy sets her sights on attracting the very best talent and building a truly uplifting culture within the organization. At Catawba, we promise active scientific leadership, cost-conscious study design and unmatched results across the board. This sort of balancing act demands the very best from every team member.

Prior to joining Catawba, Wendy worked managing multiple human resource departments in the pharmaceutical space, directing COVID mitigation and overhauling occupational health systems. She also developed her own performance appraisal process and streamlined onboarding protocols during a time of intense employment upheaval.

Wendy is considered an expert in efficiency when it comes to human resources management. She is a sought-after trainer and public speaker for organizations looking to revolutionize their company culture. When Catawba promises to deliver “On Time, On Budget, Beyond Expectations,” Wendy supports this promise by keeping the company inspired and drawing in the very best within the industry.

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