Innovative Trial Management

Trial Management that Leads to Results

Catawba Research India subscribes to a deep-rooted mindset when it comes to overseeing clinical trials – Believe in the team and empower them to make thoughtful, quick decisions in support of the Sponsor. To accomplish this, we’ve created a culture that cherishes Sponsor relationships and understands the importance of seeing life-changing products through to the marketplace. Every individual on our team feels a sense of ownership in driving results, and you can count on each taking responsibility towards the outcome.
As for keeping trial stakeholders– like yourself – informed of progress every step of the way, we’ve positioned our Project Managers as frontline responders. This means Catawba Research India’s Sponsors ALWAYS have a key point person as a primary contact. You will never find yourself guessing on status! When it comes to study design methods, we take a scientifically-based approach to attempt to reduce data challenges. Our formula consists of three key measures:

  • Streamlined clinical operations
  • Continuous site management
  • Pre-approved vendors (you can always bring us your favorites, though)

Other trial management innovations to expect at Catawba Research India include:

  • Precise, steady, and uncomplicated communications
  • A collaborative-minded team, fueled by a positive work environment
  • Consistency in systems across the board

Lastly, Catawba Research India leverages the power of a global CRO. This means access to a vast network of industry leaders in data management, biostatistics and regulatory affairs. We also have an extensive network of labs, labeling / packaging, medical writing, archiving and more. We invite you to discuss your next trial with us!

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